The benefits of membership

Working for a high-profile individual can be exciting and rewarding, but elements of the job can be challenging and sometimes isolating. Membership of the ACA provides access to a network of professional personal assistants with a wealth of experience, contacts and resources; a valuable community for support. Members of the ACA enjoy:
  • The ability to email all members in one easy step for help, advice or suggestions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive invitations to a range of events
  • A growing directory of recommended suppliers, products and services
  • Discounts and special relationships with luxury suppliers, services and retailers
  • Access to exciting opportunities listed on the Job Board
“There are moments, as a celebrity PA, when you have to respond with lightening speed to certain requests. That's when having a Directory of contacts, and the brilliant support network of the members, is invaluable! The ACA's events give me the chance to meet other members, and to be introduced to some fantastic partner contacts.”
Kate Halls

Who may join?

Membership is open to anyone who is currently working (and has been for the last six months), or has been employed in the last two years, for a high profile individual. We define this as someone who:
  • Is in the public eye
  • Receives substantial national/international media coverage for their achievements in daily press
  • Has received awards for their achievements and is recognised as a leader in their field

Our Partnerships