Board Members

Welcome to the ACA Board. Please feel free to contact us as a group at or by using the contact forms for an individual Board member.

Board Members

Vincenzo Ianniello


Vincenzo joined ACA-UK in 2013 and was Board Member in charge of the Directory from 2015 - 2018. He became President in April 2021.

Carmen Christensen

Vice President

Carmen joined ACA-UK in 2006 and shortly after joining she worked alongside the board overseeing the Directory for several years. Carmen was invited again in April 2021 to join the board as Vice President.

Lucy Stratton


Lucy joined ACA-UK in 2021 and became Treasurer in July 2021.

Vivian von Dohmain


Vivian joined ACA-UK in 2021 and joined the team as secretary later that year.

Sadie Foster

Social Media, Website Design & Content

Sadie has been a member of ACA-UK since 2020, and was elected to the board in April 2021.